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The Benefits of Industrial Portable Air Conditioners as a Versatile Cooling Solution

Do you have a need for temporary cooling of a specific area or a need to cool different areas in a space at different times? If this is the case you may benefit greatly from an industrial portable air conditioner unit.
Industrial portable air conditioner units are also known as “spot coolers” due to their mobility; they can easily be moved around as needed. Cooling capacities range from ten thousand btu to ninety-six thousand btu.
These units are designed specifically to provide an efficient, mobile and cost-effective cooling solution for any number of industrial cooling applications.
Industrial portable air conditioners are often used to provide a temporary spot cooling solution, but they often provide enough power and reliability to be used as a permanent cooling system for smaller to medium sized spaces as well. Innovative companies such as Americool have designed a full range of products to effectively meet each client’s cooling needs. This includes:
• Units that can be used both indoors and outdoors,
• Units may be used for primary cooling, supplemental cooling and self-contained cooling,
• Units that have specific settings for spot cooling or room cooling with the ability to dehumidify as well, and;
• Units that offer the reliability and durability to be used in critical and harsh environments.
Contact NRG Equipment for all of your Americool industrial portable air conditioner needs across Canada today.
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Effective Industrial Cooling Power When and Where You Need It

There is a large market for industrial portable air conditioners. These powerful and portable air conditioners are effective options that provide versatile and mobile cooling solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Applications for these types of "spot cooling” and versatile room cooling solutions can vary greatly. Some of the most common applications include:

Server rooms;
Data Centers;
Hospitals and labs;
Outdoor events; such as weddings
Disaster Relief;
Temporary Office Cooling
In addition to providing fast and efficient cooling solutions, Americool industrial portable air conditioners can also provide the additional benefits of cleaning and dehumidifying the air as it cools. Many units available today have specific settings for spot cooling and room cooling to ensure optimal operation depending on how the unit will be used. Due to the mobility and size of the units, they are easily moved from location to location and offer easy installation. Cooling ranges from 10,000 Btu cooling all the way up to 96,000 Btu with very low decibel ratings; great for server rooms that have offices. Industrial portable air conditioners can also be used in emergency cooling should to provide cooling relief to an area. In addition, these units are capable of running 24/7 cooling capacity.

Finding Americool Industrial Portable Air Conditioners

NRG Equipment is a distributor of premium quality commercial industrial portable air conditioners, PTAC units and infrared heaters. NRG Equipment is the distributor for Americool industrial portable air conditioners and offers a full line of models designed to meet every client’s unique spot cooling needs. Contact NRG Equipment today and discover how Americool air conditioning products can simplify your need for portable, powerful and reliable air conditioning solutions.

NRG Equipment Inc. was established in 1993 and the head office is located in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

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